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The comeback of the country kitchen

23 Oct 2018

Foto: Schüller

The rustling of an old willow, the smell of freshly mowed grass … Thinking about a country kitchen can easily lead to dreaming. As a cosy place of longing, it embodies the living counterpart to the seemingly sterile, cool chic that has been setting the trend for kitchens in recent years. However, the manufacturers are now drawing the country kitchen out of its deep slumber and are presenting themselves with interesting influences and details. Shabby chic and creaking cupboard doors are passe. New forms and colours, as well as homey combinations now give country kitchens an ultramodern face. English cottage, Italian Alps, Scandinavian nonchalance and the Shakers encounter one another and ensure an international look that makes an impression not in the least reminiscent of a dusty farmhouse: cosmopolitan and elegant, with laissez-faire attitude. Cosiness could hardly look more modern.

Photo: Nolte

The classic influences of the country kitchen remain recognisable, but in a reduced form: subtly profiled doors and contrasting handles of dark metal set the tone. New is the combination with glass or painted fronts – a subtle stylistic inconsistency that lends an air of freshness. The colour spectrum varies, because whatever pleases is allowed. The trend is grey and green – from stone grey to anthracite, from sage green to olive. However, the new country kitchen can also be black, like with Nolte, for example. The strong colour gives the look an edgy note. Natural woods are also finding their way into the kitchen. With Lube, wood is used together with black and dark grey: the combination lightens the material and has an interesting and modern effect. The use of accessories made of natural materials like ceramics, wicker or stone is reminiscent of the forebears of the modern country kitchens. The mix of materials does it!

Photo: LivingKitchen

The new landscape style 2.0 plays with space and its effect, and makes use of homey elements. The kitchen block is a classic in the country look and provides the kitchen with a centre. This effect is loosened up by freestanding cabinet and glass cabinet elements. However, the kitchen block can also be replaced with a counter. Or a combination of both, like Lube, for example. And Schüller offers a semi-open concept, with storage space behind clear and frosted glass, which has a relaxed and cosy effect in niches or on highly detailed shelves. Consoles or half-height shelves in intensive colours also suit the new country style. More beautiful accents can be set with country details like special wallpaper. The most important thing is that it remains open and airy.

The floor also makes a decisive contribution when it comes to hominess. New is that living room and kitchen seem to merge into one another. Wooden floors that are laid contiguously into neighbouring rooms, or design tiles of high quality plastics in a wood look promote this development. Tiles with conspicuous patterns and designs are also appropriate in the new country kitchens.