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Solid wood: for that extra feelgood factor

27 Jul 2020

Trendy solid wood kitchen by Möbelwerke A. Decker

Solid wood kitchens radiate cosiness and homeliness, but at the same time they are compatible with current trends such as the industrial style. Photo: IPM, Möbelwerke A. Decker

Kitchens are becoming the focal point of our homes. This is where the family gathers together, where friends are invited for a meal. These days, we expect kitchens to offer more than mere functionality – we want them to look attractive and match the general furnishing style of our homes. In addition to generous space and storage room – ideally with a cooking island that offers access on all sides – customers are also increasingly looking for safe materials.

Natural wood, in its original solid form, is perfect in that regard, especially where the customer wants their kitchen to exude a sense of warmth and cosiness – something solid-wood kitchens naturally do. Solid-wood kitchen manufacturers such as Decker and Team7 place great importance on quality, naturalness and environmental considerations. As a rule, these manufacturers guarantee that all wood is sourced from PEFC-certified forests.

Timeless and solid

LivingKitchen 2021 | La Cucina by Riva 1920 - design Matteo Thun

La Cucina by Riva 1920, designed by Matteo Thun, is characterised by its continuous wood grain on base, wall and tall units. Photo: Riva 1920

Wood has always been used in furniture production and, in all that time, has never lost its appeal. That is down in no small part to the material itself: wood looks timeless and offers numerous design possibilities due to its colours and structure. And by combining wood with various other materials, it is possible to produce an endless line of innovative new looks. Solid-wood kitchens with velvet matt glass fronts look stylish and exude a lightness, without ever seeming to force their way to the foreground. When combined with metal, leather and fabrics, the character of different materials is highlighted. As a result, solid-wood kitchens are no longer just for nature lovers, but also have something to offer design purists. Furniture and kitchens made of real wood can be natural and stylish in equal measure, and fit in seamlessly with a range of design styles. At the moment, combinations featuring worktops or sinks made of natural stone or concrete are very popular – a modern interpretation of solid wood that gives the kitchen a stripped-down touch.

Individual and unique

LivingKitchen 2021 | Filigrano by TEAM 7

Straight-lined design and wood-focused elegance: Team 7 has furnished its Filigno kitchen with lots of natural wood and a portion of ceramics. Photo: TEAM 7

Individuality is another distinguishing feature of solid-wood kitchens. They make a statement with finely grained surfaces featuring striking knotholes and unique structures, as well as velvety soft or roughened finishes. It’s important to use one type of wood throughout, and to implement one consistent design style. The grain can be accentuated by treating the surface with a suitable water varnish – thus fully exploiting the solid-wood kitchen’s special attributes. Wooden boxes inside the drawers make sure everything looks tidy and convey the external design principle to the inside of the furniture.

A haven of peace in day-to-day life

Solid-wood kitchens give living spaces a natural and timeless feel, thereby creating a welcome haven of peace in our hectic lives. It’s not only the warm colour tones and the extensive use of wood that is key in this, but also the moisture-regulating effect wood has on the indoor climate. At the same time, worktops and furniture made of solid wood are durable and hard-wearing, and therefore signify the healthy and sustainable lifestyles of their owners.