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Small kitchen – big impact

16 Jun 2020

LivingKitchen 2021 | Small kitchen – big impact

Even a small kitchen can be fun - for example in cheerful yellow. Photo: AMK

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population today lives in urban areas. And that percentage is rising. In Germany, too, people are flocking to metropolitan areas and major cities. As shortages of living space intensify, smaller homes are on the rise, and that means smaller kitchens. Rented flats in the existing apartment buildings also tend to have small kitchens as a separate room.

In the ideal scenario, a compact kitchen is individually adapted to the space and its users’ needs so that function and convenience are perfectly combined. When planning a new kitchen, it’s best to start by drawing up a floor plan and taking photos of the kitchen area. This shows where the windows, doors and water/waste-water and electrical connections are, as well as the location of the radiators and the height of the room. Equipped with this basic information, you can then go into depth, maybe together with a kitchen planner or directly in the kitchen trade. These will cover the size of the family and any pets, alongside cooking and eating habits. Functionality and storage space as well as tricks that make even pint-sized kitchens appear larger are particularly important here. For example, the space can be optimally utilised with modern corner designs.

Making optimum use of space

LivingKitchen 2021 | Small kitchen – big impact

Open sesame: At the push of a button, the tray and all the storage goods can be raised from the base cabinet. When it is no longer needed, the shelf becomes invisible by disappearing back into the base cabinet. Photo: AMK

The area of wall between the wall units, hob and sink can also be used intelligently. With an ergonomically planned and modularly expandable concept for the alcoves, key cooking utensils can be stored on hanging racks so that they are always within direct reach. Additional storage space can be provided behind a sliding door system that takes up hardly any space. The minute small kitchen utensils and appliances are no longer needed, they simply disappear again behind the sliding door at a touch of a finger.

Perfect use of devices, colours and light

LivingKitchen 2021 | Small kitchen – big impact

Intelligent pull-out systems allow the entire stowed goods to come to you easily. Photo: AMK

Added to all this is the best possible illumination for the functional areas, today usually in the form of integrated LED lighting. Another good tip is two-in-one appliances, such as an oven with an integrated steamer or microwave. A number of hob manufacturers offer products with integrated extractors that do not take up any additional space. These solutions offer many benefits in tiny spaces as they keep the “free space” above the hob completely unencumbered for a more spacious look.

Visual tricks can also achieve wonders: in miniature kitchens, light colours on the fronts, walls and worktops create a more expansive visual effect. And a light shade for the floor covering will make the room appear larger.