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Modern fridges: freshness and convenience

24 Aug 2020

LivingKitchen 2021 | modern fridges

XXL solution with French door and wine refrigerator. A sensor-controlled freshness technology keeps food fresh much longer. All photos: AMK

Once upon a time, Monday’s supper was usually Sunday leftovers; fish was traditional on Friday, and stew was a fixture on the weekly menu, along with a pudding. Friday was also the day for the big weekly shop. Today our daily lives look very different. In a fast-paced world of on-the-go lifestyles and mobile work, we buy food as and when we need it. And we want to be able to tailor our diet to our individual needs – including within our own families.

Today it’s all about spontaneity, flexibility and variety – in life and our diet. We cook in our free time, either just for ourselves or with friends, but preferably with fresh produce. But since we want to keep our ingredients fresh for longer, modern, energy-efficient cooling and freezing appliances are in high demand. Manufacturers are responding with a huge diversity of attractive models for different lifestyles and living situations – from tiny one-wall kitchens to open-plan kitchen-cum-living rooms. In households of all sizes, there has been a clear trend for increasingly large energy-efficient cold stores for several years. This trend has intensified in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and the measures adopted to tackle it, such as working from home, as Volker Irle, CEO of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche e.V. (Association for Modern Kitchens, AMK), notes.

Freshness and convenience in one

LivingKitchen 2021 | modern fridges

In this refrigerator-freezer combination, sensors permanently monitor the ambient, refrigerator and freezer temperatures. In their special fresh food drawers, the food stays fresh up to three times longer.

High on consumers’ wish lists is being able to keep larger quantities of different products fresh for as long as possible. This ties in with adopting a sustainable approach to food because keeping produce fresh for longer reduces food waste. The latest generation of intelligent, high-tech cooling appliances meet these requirements. Special zones provide the perfect climate for fresh food: A temperature just above 0°C and an optimal, adjustable humidity so that fruit, vegetables, meat and fish stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible. The performance of cooling and freezing appliances is constantly improving thanks to sensor-controlled cooling, which monitors the ambient, refrigerator and freezer temperature. Elegant metal interior rear walls are not just beautiful to look at: After the fridge is opened, the metal plate releases the coldness it has stored to quickly restore the temperature level originally set. Other solutions for freshness and convenience that the new cooling appliances offer include adjustable temperature zones, which can be used for cooling or freezing as required.

Cool connection

LivingKitchen 2021 | Smart Kitchen

Shopping and freshness management - on the road via app and at home via voice control.

But that’s not all: Most of the latest models now have Wi-Fi connectivity. With the aid of the cameras in the chilled section, users can plan their shopping sustainably and control the temperature with an app on their smartphone or tablet – even when they’re out and about. The latest appliances can also suggest individually planned recipes based on the ingredients available in the fridge. They can even provide a professional wine recommendation to accompany the meal, something you would normally only find in a high-class restaurant. Users can access tips on correct storage and the optimal drinking temperature via an app, or they can manage the fine wines stored in their wine cooler online. This gives them an overview of their current wine stores so that they can stock up again in good time before they start to run out.

Refrigerators with style and stunning premium features

LivingKitchen 2021 | modern fridges

Always pleasant odours: A hygiene filter in the air circulation system of the refrigerator ensures in the A+++ built-in appliance that 99.9% of bacteria are no longer detectable after two to three hours.

The new fridges leave nothing to be desired on the design front either. The interiors of modern cooling appliances have plenty to offer in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Shelves can be reorganised flexibly, for instance. For enhanced ergonomics and comfort, the new appliances have self-close drawers that slide gently. High-quality glass plates, stainless steel elements and real-wood shelves for storing bottles are treats for the eyes. Thanks to special hygiene features (including air filters, ionisation and antibacterial coatings), odour-sensitive noses have nothing to fear when the fridge door is opened. The latest refrigerators have so many possibilities, but they do one thing best: efficient cooling with beautiful aesthetics.