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From the concrete look to natural wood

7 Mar 2019

Fascinating contrasts in black and white. Photo: AMK

The requirements of the kitchen worktop are thus quite demanding. This starts with adequate space for cooking lovers. This is because a cramped space makes preparation and cooking less fun. There should be a work surface of 90 cm in one piece and a depth of at least 60 cm to carry all kitchen tasks out smoothly. However, the more space there is, the better and more comfortable - after all, the worktop also serves as a tool for all kinds of utensils; for example, for frequently used cups and glasses, or for favourite herbs, spices and oils that are used often.

In addition to an adequate amount of space, worktops must also be robust and food-safe. It should also have something to offer visually. This is because worktops are an important design medium for visually linking all areas of the kitchen optimally with one another. They often dot the i of the new lifestyle kitchen. When it comes to worktops and decor, popular current trends include imitations of natural materials, for example, with authentic-looking wood patterns and the concrete look. In addition, a number of suppliers add anti-bacterial materials to their surfaces. However, kitchen worktops made of solid wood, from sustainable sources, of course, are also very much in demand.

GranitiFiandre Spa
VETRO Küche + Glas KG/ FlyingBridge2
LUNDHS AS Larvikit
VETRO Küche + Glas KG/ FlyingBridge2

Photo: GranitiFiandre Spa

Photo: VETRO Küche + Glas KG/ FlyingBridge2

Photo: LUNDHS AS Larvikit

Photo: AMK

Photo: VETRO Küche + Glas KG/ FlyingBridge2

The selection of the material must also take the textural properties of the worktop into account. In this regard, it pays to test various materials in advance and to get a feel for which one best suits the kitchen owner: with surfaces as cool as stone, with stainless steel or, warmer and cosier, with wood. Also smooth and level are matte or glossy tops, or kitchen worktops made of glass. The texture is emphasised further through three-dimensionality with slate or wooden surfaces with knots and cracks.

And with the right selection and combination of materials and decors of work surfaces, furniture fronts and built-in devices, the strived for impact of the kitchen is inevitable.