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Eye-catching kitchen taps

19 Feb 2020

Eye-catching kitchen taps

Photo: Blanco

Alongside the work surface and the sink, the tap is one of the kitchen components that have grown in importance in recent years. But the key role that kitchen taps now play isn’t just down to their decorative effect. Their novel technological and material features are driving innovations in the kitchen.

Taps are influencing future kitchen trends

According to a recent market study by Unternehmensberatung Titze GmbH, kitchen tap trends are poised to have a considerable influence on new directions in kitchens generally in coming years. Multifunctional taps combining several features will play a crucial role here. According to the study’s predictions, they have the potential to transform conventional kitchen workflows. Attractive shapes and premium materials are fuelling this development. Equipped with modern voice control as an additional feature, the conventional kitchen tap looks set to evolve into an indispensable tool in the kitchen.

Multifunctional taps are making inroads

Eye-catching kitchen taps

Photo: Quooker

The study also reveals that water-saving and multifunctional taps offer enormous sales potential for the industry. Taps that combine several functions, such as supplying sparkling and boiling water from the same outlet, are making inroads in Western Europe, so the consultants report. According to the study, their market share rose from 8 per cent to almost 12 per cent of all taps between 2015 and 2018. However, there is significant variation between different countries in Western Europe: While in Germany the proportion of multifunctional taps fitted still lies at just 2.5 per cent, this figure rises to over 40 per cent in the United Kingdom. By contrast, the percentage stands at around 33 per cent in the Netherlands and over 20 per cent in Scandinavia.

All-round positive growth in the industry

Overall, the market study reports all-round positive growth in kitchen taps. The industry reached a new record high of Euro 374 million from the German domestic market with this product group in 2018. It has achieved impressive growth of 28.5 per cent in the domestic market since 2010.