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Future Technology

„Let’s be smart“, Future Technology LivingKitchen

„Let’s be smart“, Hall 4.1 | © Corinna Bispinck

Future Technology: the smart habitat of tomorrow

What does a functioning smart home look like today? What does it offer in terms of security, convenience, cost savings and added value? Is the kitchen the starting point for all smart home activities? What fields of application does it have? How easy are the applications to use, what are the prerequisites, and above all: how visible is the technology? And in what way can technology give householders practical assistance in cooking and baking?

Answers to these questions can be found at the Smart Home at imm cologne 2018: in the form of a real house that is open for visitors to enter and explore. The exhibit offers a whole host of examples showing how smart concepts can be applied in the kitchen. LivingKitchen not only examines how technology is being applied today, it also addresses issues of relevance for the future, such as the connectivity of individual devices.

LivingKitchen showcases the future of kitchen technology

Taking technologies already available today as a starting point, the possibilities anticipated with future technological developments will be shown in an area of around 600 m2 in hall 4.1. The focus here is on networked technologies, the influence of which on our habitat can be experienced up close in the kitchen realised by the "Let's be smart" initiative.

„Let’s be smart“
„Let’s be smart“
„Let’s be smart“
„Let’s be smart“
„Let’s be smart“

„Let’s be smart“, Hall 4.1 | © Corinna Bispinck

„Let’s be smart“, Hall 4.1 | © Corinna Bispinck

„Let’s be smart“, Hall 4.1 | © Corinna Bispinck

„Let’s be smart“, Hall 4.1 | © Corinna Bispinck

„Let’s be smart“, Hall 4.1 | © Corinna Bispinck

On the threshold of the mass market

Market researchers see the smart home as being on the threshold of penetrating the mass market. The market volume forecasts vary widely depending on the fields of application analysed. But there is agreement that dynamic and, in some cases surging, growth of between 10 and 50 per cent is to be expected, depending on the product area. The smart home generally refers to the intelligent networking of electrical appliances in the home including building services – heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and sanitary installations – as well as communications and security technology.

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