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Hall 5.2

Future Foodstyles

Future Foodstyles LivingKitchen

Future Foodstyles LivingKitchen | © Photocase; style-photographs

Future Foodstyles: what and how will we be cooking tomorrow?

However, the picture of future kitchen design also includes the question of how nutrition trends are changing the kitchen itself. Will, for example, the private kitchen of tomorrow become the "cold kitchen", in which, except for smorging and convenience, almost nothing is served on the counter table, while parties are celebrated in the communal kitchen?

Or will a robot do all the cooking? Will there be a counter-trend with a gas stove, in which chicken broth with vegetables from the leased garden allotment simmers? Future Foodstyles is about lifestyles. Solutions for self-production, urban gardening, indoor farming or outdoor kitchens are discussed here. Societal developments like urbanisation and sharing concepts, but also cooking and nutrition trends like organic and veggie, in vitro and convenience, cooking robots and dialogue cookers are taken up and presented in an interesting fashion in the 350 m² project installation in hall 5.2. The team behind Future Foodstyles has defined four different ways of addressing the key issue of the future – “cooking”: Convenience Cooking, Creative Cooking, Curated Cooking and Cooking from Scratch. With installations, performances, presentations and talks, Future Foodstyles is your opportunity to find inspiration and get up-to-date with the latest developments in nutrition.

Foodmarket: the special taste experience

The event programme will be linked in terms of atmosphere and culinary offering by a food market to be set up in the passages between halls 4 and 5, and between 2 and 4. It offers the opportunity to experience cooking and nutrition as a lifestyle trend and to link a visit to the trade fair duo of LivingKitchen and imm cologne with a very special shopping experience.


Come and experience a special culinary adventure! Taste and buy fresh ingredients, pickled vegetables and local foods.


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